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ORIGINAL Celandine Vessel - Unframed

ORIGINAL Celandine Vessel - Unframed

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The Little Flower Joys Collection: March 29, 2024. Lesser celandine in a painted "cut glass" bud vase.

This listing is for an unframed mixed media Vessel arrangement of pressed flowers. A small bouquet of real pressed flowers (lesser celandine) is combined with a hand-cut paper "vase" or vessel painted in watercolor. The arrangement is mounted to a sheet of stiff watercolor paper, measuring approximately 5x7". The plant material was gathered and pressed by hand through a natural, chemical- and dye-free process. 

A note about this piece: Though I have worked with other plants in this family (multiple types of buttercups) and have an educated guess about how this particular plant will age, I do not yet know for sure as it is new to me. Because these have been left in their natural pressed state, their appearance can and will change over time. By purchasing this listing, you will receive the original artwork, subject to this evolution, as well as a print version to immortalize the flower color.

This piece makes a perfect one-of-a-kind gift or unique accent for your own home. Enjoy a bit of the spring garden year round with a plant you don't have to water!

CARE: To delay natural fading, keep from direct sunlight. 

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