Weddings and Events

The Traditional

Pressed florals carefully mounted on high-quality watercolor paper measuring 11x14". Delivered unframed so you may choose the framing style that works best for your space.

The Contemporary, Wall

A handmade glass wall hanging contains pressed florals, edged in metal (choose black or antique copper finish) and fitted with matching chain. Measures 8x10" and is the perfect addition to your gallery wall, with wedding day photos or other memories.

The Contemporary, Tabletop

A handmade glass and copper panel showcasing pressed florals, resting in a custom-made wooden base for display on any flat surface. Standard-sized at 8x10" or Large at 9x12" and beautiful on a bookshelf, tabletop or dresser.

The Newlywed Pair, Wall

A pair of handmade wall hangings: The Contemporary, usually showcasing the bridal bouquet, and a smaller second frame to showcase the boutonniere or other small arrangement of florals. Choose antique copper or black finish for edging and chain.

The Newlywed Pair, Tabletop

A pair of glass and copper panels in custom wooden bases: The Contemporary, usually showcasing the bridal bouquet, and a smaller second piece for the boutonniere or other small arrangement. Choose standard (8x10" for larger frame) or large (9x12" for larger frame). This pair shown was made in a "meadow" style.

The Classic Gallery

A cluster of smaller glass and copper wall hangings containing pressed florals. Typical sizes and formats include: 2 5x7", 1 5" square and 1 4" square. Perfect for incorporating bridal bouquet and boutonniere flowers and great to incorporate into a gallery wall display.

The Trio

Three handmade wall hanging frames designed together for a cohesive look. Glass with metal edging (choose black or antique copper for edge finish and chain), another great gallery wall option. Typical sizes include one 6x8" and two 5x7" pieces.

The Large Gallery

The largest standard option, this collection showcases pressed florals in three large handmade glass wall hangings. One 8x10" and two 6x8", it gives space for many large and small blooms. Choose black or antique copper edging and chain. Shown here is an expansive meadow design.


Add extra pieces on to your collection to give as gifts to friends and family. 4" squares are great as small wall hangings or even (large) ornaments.


Handmade beveled glass ornaments are a very popular small add-on option. This collection featured multiple sizes and formats; standard is typically the 3" square, which can accommodate most small blooms.


Larger pieces may be added on to enhance your own collection, or are popular as gifts to parents.

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