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ORIGINAL May Vessel - Unframed

ORIGINAL May Vessel - Unframed

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The "May" design features an abundance of pressed spring wildflowers bursting from a "vase" cut by hand and painted in watercolor. Daisies, buttercups, nigella, red clover and forget me nots are a celebration of whimsical May blooms, hence the name. It was directly inspired by a fresh bouquet of flowers I created from the garden.

This listing is for an unframed mixed media Vessel arrangement of pressed flowers. A bouquet of real pressed flowers is combined with a hand-cut paper "vase" or vessel painted in watercolor. The arrangement is mounted to a sheet of stiff watercolor paper, measuring approximately 8x10". The plant material was gathered and pressed by hand through a natural, chemical- and dye-free process. 

This piece makes a perfect one-of-a-kind gift or unique accent for your own home. Enjoy a bit of the spring garden year round with a plant you don't have to water!

CARE: To delay natural fading, keep from direct sunlight. 

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